You can't know what you don't know, until you know it.

Discover and familiarise yourself with the HARDWIRES™ that have formed inside your brain and understand how to master them.

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The HARDWIRES™ assessments are an in-depth, non-threatening prognostic tool for assessing the factors that limit and/or obstruct change. These develop from early childhood – often without us even being aware of this happening.

In understanding the cause and effect of the 16 different HARDWIRES™, we are able to re-wire our brains (and so our thinking) because of the remarkable neuroplasticity of our brains.



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Carefully read through each of the HARDWIRES™ questionnaires and answer each section truthfully. Remember, this is the start of your journey towards self-awareness and so it is vital that you are true to yourself.



Soon after you have submitted all your completed questionnaires, you will receive your results graph. 

This graph is an indicator of the anticipated behavioural characteristics and the representation of adapt-ability & response-ability towards tasks.


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Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

André Malraux
French Novelist, Art & Cutural Theorist


HARDWIRES™ opens up the truth of human behaviour

HARDWIRES™ opens up the truth of human behaviour. It helps me to be more understanding and patient towards others. Previously, I would just reject and devalue everyone that I didn’t like. Now I know it’s a HARDWIRE™ and know that humans can rewire.


I have to change

My marriage was in a shambles. I tried to leave my husband twice. After doing HARDWIRES™, I know the problem is in me and that I have to change.

HARDWIRES™ assessment tool is the only accurate recruitment tool

My experience as an employer is that the HARDWIRES™ assessment tool is the only accurate recruitment tool. I have employed, for the first time in my life, 3 staff who are fit for the job.


HR Manager, LHSR

Never in any of my studies have I learnt so much about myself

What a life-changing experience HARDWIRES™ has been. I am graduating soon, but never in any of my studies have I learnt so much about myself. Thank you UP for sending our group on this journey to liberate our minds.

University of Pretoria (UP) undergraduate leadership program

Thank you for the kick start!

I have done numerous personality/thinking-style assessments, mainly in my professional capacity, and have always found them to be predictable and largely unhelpful. I think I have become so used to being the “on-paper” version of myself that I hardly know who I am underneath the bravado. I have learnt to be what I am needed to be in order to function in a high-pressure job and in daily life.

The HARDWIRES™ assessment was different. I tried to answer the questions in a way that indicated my true self rather than giving the answer that painted me in the best light. I don’t know if I got it completely right, but the feedback was very accurate and has already helped me to see how I have become what I am today. I can see exactly where I need work (setting boundaries and trusting that who I am is enough for a start) and how I could benefit from a more detail-orientated approach to life.

I am keen to start work on myself as I have neglected my own personal growth and development for too long, thinking it was the humble and Christian thing to do. I now see that, in order to be a whole, healthy, stable parent for my four beautiful children I need to be the best version of myself.

It was the catalyst to a new journey of self-empowerment and growth

I initially had my doubts as to whether HARDWIRES™ was any different from the many other personality and mindset tests and personal development tools I had done in the past. However, my good friend who recommended it was proven correct in that the HARDWIRES™ assessment, as she put it, is “so worth it”! It offered me a dimension of self-awareness and insights into my own mind’s workings on a new level. It was also the catalyst to a new journey of self-empowerment and growth. After the exchange from the coaching call I just knew I had to get into Occupational Intelligence and do the course, which I have now completed. That in itself was an awesome experience…definitely worth it! And now I am on my way to becoming a HARDWIRES™ coach because I see a need for others to access this tool and I want to share the value with others. It’s so simple yet effective!


I didn’t realise how I was unconsciously moulding myself to be other people’s ideas of perfection or worth

Once again, thank you for taking the time to meet with me online. When I first received my graph, I was concerned about certain scores, but now that I have spent time with you, I feel more settled and understand it much better.

This coaching session was valuable and helped me to see the interconnectedness between the different HARDWIRES™ and my life. I was already thinking about certain aspects before our session, but I hadn’t thought about how different HARDWIRES™ (which I wasn’t aware of beforehand) connect with each other. This session has me thinking more deeply about my VIC and how I internally am harsh on myself and how that may have an impact on different areas of my life. I also didn’t realise how I was unconsciously moulding myself to be other people’s ideas of perfection or worth. So this is something I am going to consciously be aware of when I meet with other people and I’m going to be less hard on myself.

Another valuable lesson I learned today was not to be a rescuer but to empower others to do things for themselves.


The work you do resonates with me

Thank you very much for the HARDWIRES™ Coaching experience. This approach and the work you have done developing HARDWIRES™ is really amazing. To go right back to the bedrock of where certain areas of our personality and roadblocks come from is one thing, but to break it down into such specific focus areas and plotting them in a way that makes such sense is very powerful.

I felt myself noticing and being more aware of the Primary HARDWIRES™ immediately and it has had a tangible effect on me since the assessment and coaching call.

You have been a massive inspiration to me since our first meeting during one of your workshops at The Clothing Bank. The work you do resonates with me, and I really hope to be part of bringing more of it into the world.


It has helped me to put certain things into proper perspective

It was an absolute pleasure having my coaching session on Monday. It has helped me to put certain things into proper perspective as I continue to strive to be a better human being.

The one HARDWIRE™ that I want to focus on is the IVIC. I have realised that sometimes I do not trust other people to undertake tasks in the most appropriate way and, as a result, I fail or hesitate to delegate certain tasks. I have now consciously made the decision to entrust other people with tasks and to assist them in the process of completing the task so that they become able to do it themselves.

I have started practising this in the past week and it’s been hard, but doable. I have also re-looked at my planning, including the minute details of every task, so as to be able to see what part of the task needs me to do it and what part I can delegate to members of my team.

It is so encouraging to know that we are all under construction.


I look forward to learning how to re-wire my brain in order to live to my full potential

I am interested to know and understand how my HARDWIRES™ developed from early childhood. I look forward to learning how to re-wire my brain in order to live to my full potential which I feel I have been robbed of for most of my life.

It’s time now to start getting practical steps to change my patterns

Thank you very much for the call. I feel as if I have been conscious of these HARDWIRES™ and it felt great to get the reassurance that my thoughts are on the right track. It’s time now to stop doing this all by myself and to start getting practical steps to change my patterns. I’m honesty sick of hurting myself and picking myself up again. It’s so tiring!

I will use this to advance my life to the next level

Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your concern and care. This is so educational. It deals with real life issues and is very important to me, I needed this. It was a good coaching call. I enjoyed, learned and discovered a lot of things about myself and I will use this to advance my life to the next level. Thank you, Hanlie, my life will never be the same again. I will work on everything that I have discovered about myself through this life-changing coaching organised by you. You really are a life saver.


I want more of this

I would like to thank HARDWIRES™ for the worthwhile gift of having been able to discover my HARDWIRES™. The results coming so soon after completion helped to keep up the momentum and increased the expectancy to understand it all.

The new terminology and language opens up a previously unknown world where we are able to see obstacles that are silent saboteurs waiting to be triggered.

Great user-friendly programme followed up by excellent coaching guidance! Thank you. I want more of this.